About us

Pieter Beks started developing the first horizontal drawer system in 2001. This was soon met with positive response and he decided to continue developing the product.

Unique drawer system

In August 2002, he, in collaboration with Will Peeters from 3D Company, continued developing the system into a unique drawer system for passenger and company cars. In 2003, the system was patented and in 2004, we received a Dutch patent. In 2011, Rob van Dinther joined the Beks team. Early 2018, he took over the company from Pieter Beks. At the moment, the team consists of 19 employees (8 FTE). 

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Our strength

As a small organisation, we’re flexible and can directly respond to your specific wants and needs. We use the most recent technologies and high quality materials. This makes our system very durable. The chance of defects is practically zero. 

This is how we work

We have dealers in the entire Benelux that would love to help you. They have ample experience with installing our drawer system and can equip any company car entirely to your liking. The last couple of years, we already equipped more than 10,000 cars with a Beks system.

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